Building Instructions For Accordion Frames

The accordion frames can be built very easily by yourself. Somewhat more complex parts are created as sheet metal bent parts according to step data. These can be produced almost everywhere by local sheet metal manufacturers using the stp files provided. 
The bar posts are provided as stl files. These can be produced on any standard 3D printer from flexible material (I use Utrafuse TPC 45 D from BASF). There are a large number of professional suppliers on the Internet.

You can have the bending springs made by a spring manufacturer. However, I can also make and ship them upon request.

The rest of the work is limited to sawing, drilling, tapping and, of course, screwing together.

A 3D PDF (attention: long loading time after activation) offers the possibility to move through the construction and view all details.
A normal PDF contains the compilation of all essential drawings and parts lists.

All data is for private, non-commercial use only.
All information is without guarantee or assumption of liability.