Suitcase-Frame V3

With the suitcase frame, the entire vibraphone (base stand, frame and resonance tubes), with the exception of the keyboard bars, can be packed into a hard-shell case. The total weight (without keyboard, including suitcase) is approx. 22 kg to 28 kg, depending on the version.

The suitcase frame can be relieved either with wooden or aluminum profiles for the keyboard frames.

Left: Plastic tubes; Right: Aluminum tubes

The resonant tubes can be made from plstic or aluminum. Furthermore, both variants can be relieved as a "tube-in-tube" transport, as a rigid "panflute" or as folding "panflute".
Also optionally, individually placed aluminum-rubber posts or the replaceable post can be used

Left: Plastic tubes and indiviudally places aluminum-rubber posts;     Right: Aluminum tubes and replaceable rubber posts



Set up of a suitcase frame

Tony Miceli testing several suitcase frames