Realized Projects

Suitcase Frame V5.1: Musser-M55 with acoustic-LED
Suitcase Frame V5: Musser-M55, full aluminum

Akkordion-Frame: Musser-M55 Bars 2 1/2 "

Suitcase Frame: Musser-M55, Full Rubber Posts, Alu-Resonancr Tubes "Tube-in-Tube"

Akkordion-Frame: Bergerault - Bars (60mm)

Suitcase Frame:Rossbars, Alu-Rubber-Posts, Palstic-Resonance Tubes "Tube-in-Tube"

Akkordion-Frame: VanderPlas 3,5 Octaves
Suitcase frame with individually in rubber mat suspended resonance tubes
AAkkordion-Frame: Saito-Bars 2"
Ladies-Frame: Extremely light folding frame with plastic pipes (panpipe version)

Akkordion-Frame: Premier 751

Mini vibraphone with M55 bars, customer special request