In the classic panpipe arrangement, the individual resonance tubes (made of aluminum or plastic) are fixed in two metal rails.
Using the tube-in-tube concept, the resonance tubes are individually inserted into a receiving sheetmetall.
tubes are supported by rubber pads on the receiving sheetmetall. O-rings on the tubes prevent them from swinging against each other.
tubes can therefore be removed individually and plugged one into the other according to their diameter for a volume-reduced transport
. The sheetmetall part is foldable.

However, the resonance tubes can also remain in the sheetmetall for transport and then be folded together to a comfortable size

Alternatively, the resonance tubes can also be transported as a panpipe in the unfolded state.

Thus the tube-in-tube concept offers all imaginable transport options in one.
It is applicable to aluminum tubes, PVC-tubes and PETG tubes.