All concepts presented can be realized for all common bar sets. The prerequisite is that the geometric dimensions of the bar sets are provided precisely.

DIY - Vibraphon Bars
We tried to make vibraphone bars ourselves. A fascinating process!

Accordion Frame
The accordion frame is ideal for use with pickups, as the keyboard bars with inserted pickup plugs remain for transport on the support frames.

With the suitcase frame, the entire vibraphone (base stand, frame and resonance tubes), with the exception of the keyboard bars, can be packed into a hard-shell suitcase. The total weight (without keyboard) is about 22 kg.

In lightweight frame ("Ladies Frame") the focus is on maximum weight reduction combined with good transportability of the frame, especially with a car.
  Removable Vibration Unit
The new concept of the vibration unit works both with the tube-in-tube concept and with the folding of the resonance tubes.
Replacement flaps for clipping on
The replacement flaps are manufactured using a 3D printer.
Twistable  Vibration Unit
Rotationally offset flans result in a very beautiful, room-filling and significantly softer vibration effect than with fans arranged in parallel. The only disadvantage of this arrangement is that there is no open position of the fans for playing without vibration.

A first draft of an adjustable shaft allows you to choose between playing with parallel or rotatory staggered key arrangements
The new tube-in-tube concept for transport and assembly of the resonance tubes enables all variants of a volume-minimizing transport of the resonance tubes and is therefore an important part of the suitcase frame.
Tunable Plugs
The tunable plugs are manufactured as two-component 3D printing.
Bar-Post Concepts
The bar-posts concept allows the use of rubber posts as well as metallic posts of any design (hook, saddle, eyelet).

The aluminum bar ensures the position and alignment of the posts. The posts can be exchanged or replaced individually or as a complete series.
With the bar, these posts can also be used as a repair kit for all wooden or aluminum frames.
In the solid rubber post version, all frame noise due to the impact on the keyboard is damped.

Regarding the use of pickups, the opinions are divided. Some reject it fundamentally as sound changing, for others they offer the possibility to use the vibraphone in a loud environment (big band).
The purchase of commercially available pickups (K & K, Malletchech) and the associated technology is usually very expensive.
With a bit of soldering skill, you can create pickups and the required contact rails by yourself with very little cost.
  Special Frames
Up to now all framework projects are more or less special constructions according to specific customer requirements
  Cover / Beach Towel
Just for fun or traveling